Fire Feet

I want to fly


If my feet had fire

I could fly


My fire feet

Could take me

Above my house

When I was bored

With my parents

Or my sister wouldn’t

Let me play with her


I will rocket

Quickly away

From my classmates

With my special feet


When I’m unhappy

With school

The other boys

Will be surprised

And wonder how

I do it


I want to fly

To the store

And not be bothered
By stop lights

Go lights

Or speed bumps


I will take my bike

With me sometimes

Its wheels won’t move

As we both zoom

At 1000


Clouds will be

Landing spots

And on clear blue days

I won’t rest

My feet, my fire feet



When it rains

Mom will make cocoa

Dad will make cookies

And my sister

Will read me a story

And I will put my feet up


My fire feet


Lefty the Lost Slipper

I can’t find one slipper.

I don’t know what happened to Lefty, the slipper that goes on my right foot.

Yes, that’s silly, but I don’t feel like laughing with one cold foot.


I’ve searched the normal places for missing footwear.  No luck.  I’m going to have to think “not normal,” -- no jokes-- and get creative.


My mom would help me.  She is very good at finding lost items.  I don’t know why, but she can find things in 5 minutes that I have looked for for years.  But she is busy with a batch of pancakes, and I’ll need those after my exhaustive search.


My brother is even worse than I am at finding things.  Usually whatever he is looking for turns invisible for half the day and then appears in the first place he looked.


My dad is good at finding stuff.  He likes putting things where they belong, but he is also a jokester.  He might find something you are looking for and not tell you for awhile, and then have it magically appear in your pocket!  He also likes hiding things.  If you put down your cereal bowl to go get milk, Dad might move your bowl somewhere else and watch you look for it.  He doesn’t let his hiding joke go on too long, though, so I don’t think he is in on the missing slipper caper.


I do not want to put regular shoes on!  I want to put my warm slippered feet up and read my book.


I’m coming to that fork in the road – and that fork is going to be putting pancakes in my mouth… so I will be sitting down and settling in with warm food and a warm book and only one warm foot.  This whole day might be a little off (like my walk), like getting up on the wrong side of the bed.

WAIT!!  I’m going to check on the other side of the bed, against the wall.


Guess what.  Lefty has been found.  When I kicked off Lefty and Righty yesterday, Lefty must have gone flying a bit farther than expected.  I was too lost in thinking that I’d kicked the winning field goal with only 3 seconds left in the game to notice where he’d gone.


Next step – BREAKFAST!